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December 29th, 2015

Much faster, much lower, much better!

The year of 2012 is running up and the adVerus has some astonishing new for their customers! To start the New Year well, adVerus is providing their customers with some crazy discounts and much much more amazing things!

Only for limited time, the new customers will get 30% discount for all the services for a whole month. Yes, we mean it – you can send bulk text messages to any country you want for 30% less than its regular price. If you are a returning customer, you should not be upset either. For all our returning customers, we are giving 30% discount for the bulk SMS to all of the countries available with the adVerus. The 30% discount is a thank you gift to our returning customers for being with us through our development stage. Therefore, the discount will be available for the next six months, so you could test out our services and provide us with your feedback.

Although you might think that you already had the chance to test our services out, the adVerus development team has just updated the hardware of our servers. The main thing that has changed is the speed of the text messages’ delivery. While, before the upgrade, we were providing the speed 50 messages per second, what was already the fastest delivery speed in the market, now, we are able to offer 200 of your messages to be sent in a second. Additionally, our technicians have updated the software as well. Our system will be working even faster than, and it will be available for your usage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to our software and hardware updates, our development staff created an Android application that would allow you to send the bulk text messages directly from your cellphone. The instructions for the usage of the application are easy: you have to download the application, install it, and, through the application, log into your adVerus account. Once you have done that, you have to log into your adVerus account using a computer. Through your computer, open the text message sending form and click on the checkbox that will allow you to send the text messages, while using your cellphone. After completing all of these steps, you should be able to send the text messages via your mobile phone.

The adVerus is going to keep improving to provide you with the best and the most convenient services in the market. All the discounts, the improvements in the software, hardware, and the creation of the cellphone application are our means of thanking you for being with us. We appreciate you using our services!