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Sending bulk SMS messages from the web was never easier! Our new user interface is made for you to access your account without any hassle. All you need to do in order to log in (or sign in) is just to enter your username (e-mail address) and password (it will take 10-20 seconds, no more!).

Once you log in, you can access your control panel, and send text messages. If you want to start sending text messages immediately, it is perfectly fine! You do not need to go through long and painful process of putting your settings and information in. All you need to do to send SMS message is to enter the receivers’ cellphone numbers, your company name, or the name you want to appear as a sender, the date you want it sent, and the actual message.

To provide you with convenient message sending services, we allow you, and we encourage you, to create the address book. Having the address book ready for sending, you will save time by not having to enter the phone numbers repeatedly. In addition, we do allow you to upload your pre-created address book from CSV files (first create address book group, then open that empty group and you will find CSV upload form and CSV format example). Our address book is made to prevent you from having any difficulties!

Unlike many our competitors, we save all the history of text messages that you have sent. You can access your sending history just by clicking "History" button in your control panel. The "History" menu shows all the parameters you pre-defined before sending the message, and it also includes the status of your messages for each cellphone number that you wanted to send it to.

Managing your account balance is easily accessible from your control panel menu. We do accept PayPal and MoneyBookers as payment methods. However, we do prefer PayPal!  In addition, we provide you discounts when you add larger amounts of money to your account. Starting with 30 Euros, you can get discount varying from 5% to 30%! For your convenience, we have the payments history available as well.

In total, there are three ways to get discounts using our website. The first way, is adding larger amount of money to your account. The second way is the simplest one – be an active advertiser. If you send more than 25 000 SMS messages a month, you can get at least 20%. The more text messages you send the better discount you will get. Start now!

The third way of getting discounts is referring other people to advertise through us. Not only do you receive the discount for two months once your referral starts using our system, but also, if your referral is an active advertiser, you will get continuous discounts, as the referral keeps being active! Get better deals and save more money by referring people now! Discounts are usually given out on the first day of the month.

Our customer-ready control panel also provides you with opportunity to check your discounts and their expiration dates.

Always be on top of your game and see how much money you can save just by using our services!